Monday, April 28, 2014

Message from Oceana and the Twenty-Four,
Trance-channeled by Master Amritam

“Beloved Ones,

The most beautiful gift that has been given to humanity is the ability to transform, to grow and to awaken to love!

The purpose of life, for all human beings on Mother Earth, is to love.

To love themselves, love their children, their families, to love humanity, to love the land and nature, to love existence, and to love the magic.

As humanity is uplifted and the Earth rises in consciousness through meditation, understanding and knowledge, through leaving duality, a new world will be born in oneness.

We are bringing this knowledge to all of you through forgiveness, through our love, through God’s meditations and through awakening to the inner soul light that we all are.

Eventually, everyone will come to realize that we are all one light and one consciousness.

When humanity has a direct experience of melting into Oneness, they will have great compassion for themselves and the world.

This will bring love, peace and harmony to the world.

We are all slowly uplifting. We are uniquely different yet we are all One.”

In Oneness with love and blessings,

Master Amritam


  1. Thank you for this inspirational message.

  2. Wow What a beautiful message of love and Oneness. Thank you for sharing this message with Humanity. I feel excited and inspired with this message.